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LEADERSHIP LIVE: Interlaw Virtual Leadership Forum

Interlaw ensures professional development is at the forefront of our organization and hosts quarterly network-wide meetings to discuss topical issues and latest legal innovations. Additionally, relations between our strategic partners are further enhanced through regular workshops, receptions, professional congresses and informal 'meet ups'.


Pricing strategy is one of the most neglected aspects of many law firms’ operations. Yet pricing strategies are key to improving the bottom line.  

The implementation of one successful pricing strategy does not always mean it will be effective for all clients. Best-practice pricing is an involved process, where pricing strategies must always be revisited and optimized. 

Interlaw’s 2023 program of activities in this area, will assist Interlaw colleagues from across the world, to re-gain control of their pricing, enable them to set prices with confidence, develop an effective discounting strategy, implement best practice solutions and develop a pricing framework.  

For our first LEADERSHIP LIVE session of 2023, we will be joined by a panel of lawyers from Interlaw to discuss the challenges they are facing when it comes to pricing. For further information, please contact Imogen Lee.

Hosts Interlaw
Location United Kingdom
Dates Feb 7, 2023