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Interlaw has several decades of experience in advising global companies on some of the most complex and high-profile cross-border projects. Clients regularly praise us for our uncompromising quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

Kodak Alaris, John O'Reilly, Hertfordshire, UK

“What is really important to me is having access to top quality legal advice in each jurisdiction where we operate. Whilst large law firms often have overseas offices, these can sometimes be outposts lacking in strength and depth. Interlaw firms given their independence are well known and respected firms in their own territories. This allows me to take the quality of the legal advice as granted, however crucially it is their knowledge and sometimes connections gained through years of local presence that are invaluable to the successful closing of a deal.”
John O'Reilly, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary

Tangoe Inc., Connecticut, USA

“The advantage Interlaw gives me is that the advice I receive is holistic rather than individual comments from separate law firms. Not only that, but the advice is practical, based on a close knowledge of the culture involved and delivered by a senior and respected lawyer rather than someone at a junior level. In my experience, Interlaw provides a high quality and responsive service wherever in the world I or Tangoe Inc. want to do business.”
Tom Flynn, General Counsel & Secretary

AMICORP, São Paulo, Brazil

“It’s a real advantage to be working with an organization such as Interlaw that can provide a seamless service across the jurisdictions in which we operate. When working in a global, fast paced and complex environment, it’s Interlaw's level of service and consistent quality that makes my life easier and helps drive the goals of my own business.”
Ricardo Sitzer, Business Development Senior Manager

Thouvenin Rechtsanwälte, Zürich, Switzerland

“Interlaw’s collegiate culture, which encourages teamwork and collaboration is one of its key distinguishing features and sets the organization apart from its rivals. These values also play a key role in enabling us to cultivate longstanding relationships with both our clients and Interlaw colleagues around the globe.”
Michael Bösch, Partner

Camargo Côrrea Infra, São Paulo, Brazil

“Headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, we needed advice on a project in Colombia. The Interlaw network worked seamlessly to complete the project. The Interlaw advisers on the ground were completely fluent in the cultural nuance, which meant that the work was completed smoothly, successfully and to our complete satisfaction.”
Fabio Selhorst, General Counsel, Chief Integrity Officer and Chief Communications Officer at Camargo Côrrea Infra

Salaryfits, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

"Working with Manucci Advogados and Interlaw was definitely a cost-effective decision for us. We were able to have bespoke support from highly qualified and trusted lawyers in six different geographies, without the hassle of having to find and develop relationships with law firms in each of the countries where we were looking to expand.”
Renato Araujo, Chairman

Alcicla Indústria e Comércio, Contagem MG, Brazil

“All aspects of our corporate project in Venezuela were managed out of Brazil through the Interlaw legal services platform. We found it comforting that our trusted advisers locally were able to extend their reach and deliver for us in other jurisdictions through Interlaw’s global operations. "The deep local knowledge and experience of the Venezuelan legal system that Interlaw gave us access to was excellent. The entire process was quick and easy and throughout the project, we were kept informed about any differences between our own legal system and the Venezuelan system, kept well informed of any risks, and provided with realistic time scales that meant we were reassured that all was going to plan. The whole process and delivery of the project was smooth and efficient”.
Paulo Cerqueira, Director

​Cakesmiths, Chris Ormrod, Bristol, UK

“We have worked with the Trowers & Hamlins team on several previous transactions, so when they brought in their Interlaw partners in France, UGGC Avocats, for the French elements of the deal, we trusted we would receive the same high quality of service. Both firms played an integral role in a successful transaction, and I wouldn’t hesitate in using the Interlaw network for any future international matters.”   Chris Ormrod, CEO, CAKESMITHS
Chris Ormrod, Chief Executive Officer

Interlaw offers clients a genuine global advantage, enabling them to access 8,000+ first class lawyers wherever in the world they are headquartered or wish to do business. With several decades of experience advising leading multinational clients, we harness the scope of our extensive operations spanning all five continents to provide an alternative global legal services solution that puts clients at the forefront of everything we do.

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