Connect to a lawyer

CASE STUDY: Hasti Kalarostagi, Partner, Hunt & Hunt, Sydney

Why did you want to be a lawyer?   

I have always wanted to be a lawyer.  I have always been drawn to the theatrics that goes with being an advocate. At school, I found legal studies to be one of the few subjects that I actually enjoyed, it was intellectually challenging as well as being interesting and varied. Once I started practising, I found the profession to be equally as interesting and rewarding as well as challenging at times. The legal profession suits my inherent need to solve problems.

What was the best piece of advice given to you during your career? 

The best advice given to me so far is the importance of setting boundaries between your work life and personal life, and making sure you take time out to relax and recharge.  

The second best piece of advice was that, whilst the first piece of advice is great, you can't do it all the time and sometime client needs and work demands encroach on your personal time.  And, that is ok too, just make sure you take the time to recharge when you can. 

What’s your best piece of advice to other women wanting a legal career? 

Just do it.  51% of law graduates in NSW are female and there are equal numbers of male and female solicitors. The image of a lawyer is changing. The future of the legal profession is going to look very different as more women enter the profession, it will be more diverse, and it will work for you, if you make it work for yourself.

What has been your career highlight? 

My career highlights so far are making partner whilst I was still in my early 30s and, running one of the biggest commercial litigation matters in Australia in 2017/2018. 

What are your future goals? 

I want to continue to provide my clients with the best advice that I can, whilst inspiring the younger lawyers to achieve their potential.  I want to break the mould of what an Australian lawyer looks like.