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INTERLAW LIVE: 2021 Virtual Asia Pacific Regional Meeting

Interlaw ensures professional development is at the forefront of our organization and hosts quarterly network-wide meetings to discuss topical issues and latest legal innovations. Additionally, relations between our strategic partners are further enhanced through regular workshops, receptions, professional congresses and informal 'meet ups'.

After the seismic events of 2020, our 2021 Asia Pacific Regional Meeting, Forward to Better: Recalibrating the Business Environment will be an informative and thought-provoking event for Interlaw lawyers and professionals, not just in the Asia Pacific region but from across the world. 

"Forward to Better" captures the spirit of enterprise around the world, where organizations large and small are highly motivated to prosper and grow out of the current crisis. For the Asia Pacific region, there are some interesting opportunities and developments that will shape the course of the recovery. Encouragingly, we are seeing parts of the region able to lead the way in returning to a more conventional way of living and working. 

Coupled with the establishment of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, will this create a global advantage, particularly with so many established Western economies still some way behind in the recovery process? Is there an opportunity for the Asia Pacific region to lead and take the world forward to better times – with decisive action on net zero and charting new territory in the tech arena? 

Activities over the course of the week include a combination of practice group and sector group meetings, panel discussions and workshops, a keynote address, regional business meeting, breakout session and a global networking session. 

For further information, please contact Imogen Lee.

Hosts Interlaw
Location Singapore
Dates Feb 2, 2021 - Feb 5, 2021