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INTERLAW LIVE: Interlaw Academy 2021-2022: The Principles of Project Management

Interlaw ensures professional development is at the forefront of our organization and hosts quarterly network-wide meetings to discuss topical issues and latest legal innovations. Additionally, relations between our strategic partners are further enhanced through regular workshops, receptions, professional congresses and informal 'meet ups'.

Legal Project Management (LPM) is fundamental for the delivery of both domestic and cross-border legal services and increasingly, it is the way clients want to work. Interlaw's 2021-2022 Interlaw Academy virtual training and development program on The Principles of Project Management provides lawyers around the world with the framework and tools required to refine and implement a successful approach to LPM.

How to Reap the LPM Rewards is the focus of the next 2021-22 Interlaw Academy session. In this session, we look at the multiple benefits of successfully using LPM and, in particular, how they can help influence an approach to delivering legal services at better prices and with fewer write-offs.

For further information, please contact Imogen Lee.

Hosts Interlaw
Location United Kingdom
Dates Oct 26, 2021