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INTERLAW LIVE: 2021 Virtual EMEA Regional Meeting

Interlaw ensures professional development is at the forefront of our organization and hosts quarterly network-wide meetings to discuss topical issues and latest legal innovations. Additionally, relations between our strategic partners are further enhanced through regular workshops, receptions, professional congresses and informal 'meet ups'.

The theme for our 2021 Virtual EMEA Regional Meeting is Forward to Better: Going the Distance. During our time together, we will be focusing on how to successfully navigate this period of transition from crisis to calm. 

At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, all businesses had to react quickly, making multiple decisions overnight and dealing with the immediacy of the situation. The parameters have changed significantly since then, and the pace has slowed, with both a need and the room for more careful decision-making and strategic planning. The sprint has become the marathon, and sustaining the course in a new and evolving environment is both the challenge, the opportunity and the goal. 

We will be joined by a wide range of speakers and panelists over four days of virtual sessions and will be focussing on many different topics including the future of work, are SPACS the shape of deals to come and much more. 

For our keynote presentation we will be joined by German sports psychologist, coach, and best-selling author Dr. Michele Ufer, who as a successful extreme runner himself, will have plenty of advice to impart on going the distance.

For further information, please contact Imogen Lee.

Hosts Interlaw
Location United Kingdom
Dates Jun 1, 2021 - Jun 4, 2021