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INTERLAW LIVE: A New Economic Normal? Assessing the Prospects for Asian Economies Post COVID-19

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As well as the immediate human suffering caused, the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting economies hard across the world, with some analysts fearing a severe global recession.

For example, the IMF indicated its view is that this is a crisis, like no other, requires a comprehensive and coordinated policy response. It predicts that Asia’s regional economies are likely to see zero growth this year for the first time in 60 years and forecasts that the continent’s service businesses are expected to be particularly profoundly impacted. At the same time, it sees prospects for 2021, while highly uncertain, are for strong growth.   

Other analysts are pointing towards Asia’s (or, at least, some parts’) preparedness to withstand the worst of the crisis compared to Western counterparts, based on lessons learned from previous challenges like SARS.  

To help those with a focus in Asia and more generally businesses who are concerned how the economic story globally may play out, Interlaw has invited the eminent economist Manu Bhaskaran at Centennial Asia Advisors Pte Ltd in Singapore to discuss the key considerations facing Asian economies as a result of the current crisis.   

Manu Bhaskaran will cover topics such as: 

  • How best to characterise the crisis? 
  • How quick will the rebound be in G7 economies and China?
  • Will there be a second wave?
  • How well can demand drivers reactivate?
  • What is the likely trajectory of global demand and what will be the relative performance in Asia?
  • What lessons can be drawn from China’s experience?
  • What will be the geopolitical impacts? 

Bill Jamieson at CNPLaw in Singapore and Greg Buxton at Winkler Partners in Taipei, Taiwan, will help to moderate the discussion. Please join us for an interactive and informative session for lawyers and clients with an interest in the future of the Asian economy and its people. 

Please register here.   

Hosts Interlaw
Location Singapore
Dates Apr 30, 2020