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INTERLAW LIVE: Privacy in the Pandemic: The Data Protection Challenges around COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic is creating extraordinary personnel challenges for workplaces across the globe. Amid unprecedented circumstances, companies are having to swiftly and efficiently tackle a host of pressing operational concerns, from equipping employees to undertake home working on a mass scale through to proactive health monitoring and testing of personnel both remaining in and returning to the workplace. 

With each of these operational imperatives typically coming with an associated data-related dimension, employers need to be mindful of their obligations around protecting privacy. The situation is further complicated for workplaces that are open to the general public, where organizations may also be health screening visitors and collecting potentially sensitive data.    

To help organizations get to grips with their data privacy obligations at this unique time, we have assembled a global panel of data protection and HR lawyers to help them proactively tackle the challenge head on. 

From concerns over what employee health data can be shared with the authorities through to advising personnel on safeguarding confidentiality when working remotely, our legal specialists will outline the key policy changes employers need to be taking right now and addressing the likely challenges to come.   

During this live event, we will cover:   

  • Data, confidentiality and working from home;
  • Privacy implications around health testing mechanisms;
  • Active health monitoring and the law;
  • Disclosure procedures when employees fall ill;
  • Practicalities around preventing sick employees from accessing the workplace;
  • Tackling cybersecurity and strategies to mitigate the risk of cyberattack.

This will be a highly practical and informative session for employers looking to ensure they exercise good governance over their data privacy obligations and ultimately, put themselves and their teams in the strongest position to operate compliantly and effectively over the long term. 

To put your questions to the panel, to find the right time in your time zone and to register, please visit the event registration site here.

Hosts Interlaw
Location United States
Dates May 19, 2020