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LEADERSHIP LIVE: A Cold Front: Defining International Relations in 2022

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LEADERSHIP LIVE: A Cold Front: Defining International Relations in 2022

For our next LEADERSHIP LIVE session, we will be joined by eminent economist Manu Bhaskaran from Centennial Asia Advisors Pte Ltd in Singapore. Manu last addressed this forum at the beginning of 2021 in the month of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, where he provided a global perspective on the geopolitical trends shaping the relationships between the major economies of the East and the West. Twelve months on, much has changed. How are these relationships faring and how has a new regime in the White House reframed international relations? Certainty and stability appear to be in short supply as the pandemic lingers and tensions reach boiling point in Russia. Although perhaps more cordial in tone, US-China relations are also on the chilly side and have reached something of a stalemate.

Manu will guide us through this complex and evolving picture, providing his perspective on what it means for the global economic outlook. Manu’s insights are essential for all lawyers and professionals operating in an international context.

For further information, please contact Imogen Lee.

Location United Kingdom
Dates Mar 8, 2022