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INTERLAW LIVE: Structuring your Business for Survival (Asia Pacific & Middle East)

Interlaw ensures professional development is at the forefront of our organization and hosts quarterly network-wide meetings to discuss topical issues and latest legal innovations. Additionally, relations between our strategic partners are further enhanced through regular workshops, receptions, professional congresses and informal 'meet ups'.

Further to our webinar focussing on structuring businesses for survival covering Europe and North America, Interlaw is hosting a live webinar for businesses in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. 

With the coronavirus pandemic posing the biggest existential threat to commercial entities in a generation, companies in many sectors across the globe are getting to grips with multiple operational challenges - from reduced cashflow and tightened margins through to lost contracts and hugely restricted supply chains. Many are rightly concerned about their business continuity and restructuring options should the pressure begin to become insurmountable.

To help businesses understand their options and consider operational strategies to mitigate the worst impacts of the crisis in the months to come, Interlaw has assembled an expert panel of specialist corporate insolvency and restructuring lawyers from across Asia Pacific and the Middle East, to provide clear guidance and practical advice on tackling business-critical concerns in these regions. 

From questions over restructuring vehicles and director’s liabilities through to any recent changes in insolvency law frameworks, our legal specialists will tackle the key considerations facing businesses looking to safeguard their futures. 

For example, our panelists will cover:

  • Understanding restructuring options;
  • Insolvency obligations;
  • Potential risks for directors;
  • Approaching creditor claims.

Please join us for this highly engaging, interactive session, providing practical and actionable insights for businesses looking to understand their options and put in place operational strategies to help them survive the COVID-19 crisis and prepare to thrive in the future. 

On the registration form here there is a place to put your questions to our panelists. You can find the relevant time in your time zone and register for the event here.

Hosts Interlaw
Location United Arab Emirates
Dates May 13, 2020