Connect to a lawyer

CASE STUDY: Jurema António, associate at LEAD Advogados, Angola

Why did you want to be a lawyer?

Apart from being a hard-working and challenging profession that allows a wide area of expertise, it is very rewarding when you find a way to help in solving problems for others. I like that this profession is a mix of study, work, and perseverance.

What’s your best piece of advice to young people wanting a legal career?

My advice is based on three words: dedication; perseverance and focus.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

So far, the biggest challenge has been, when dealing with certain issues, having to deal with the bureaucracy of certain Public Institutions.

What are your future goals?

In the short term, I will focus on doing my job better and save and seize every opportunity to learn from the most experienced lawyers in our office. In the long run, I want to immerse myself in my studies, specializing in one or two areas of law that I enjoy in order to make me a good lawyer and that fits in with the highest quality lawyers.