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International Youth day

Adv. Tamar Zehavi

Associate, M. Firon & Co., Tel Aviv, Israel

    Adv. Tamar Zehavi

I genuinely don’t think I chose law – I think the profession chose me. I was always very passionate about things I cared for, and speaking out was always natural to me. 

The best piece of advice I received was never to be afraid to speak your mind -  always be yourself, have faith in your ideas and thoughts and do not think that your opinions don’t matter because you are young. There is something unique in each person, and we should always bring that forward. Otherwise, we are nothing special. I found out it is much easier for other people to appreciate you if you first appreciate yourself.

I am at the beginning of my career and as I continue, I find I enjoy the work even more knowing my opinion matters and that I have an important part to play in the success of my clients. My future goals would be to gain as much knowledge as possible, to specialize in fields I am interested in, to be a part of big things and to know I left my mark.

Clichéd, as it might be, the way I feel about my job, tells me I am in the right place.