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Founded in 1950, Janson is a multidisciplinary and multilingual business law firm, with 29 partners and more than 60 associates, most of whom have an LL.M. or another university degree from Belgium or abroad alongside their degree in Law. Throughout its expansion, Janson has remained independent from other national or international law firms, however, as a member of Interlaw, the firm is able to provide global legal advice, wherever in the world clients wish to do business.

To ensure an efficient service to its clients in the Walloon and Flemish Regions, the firm opened offices in Nivelles in 2004 and in Ghent in 2011. Several partners and senior associates teach at university law schools or elsewhere, or are members of editorial boards of one or more legal journals.

Janson has extended its legal services to all fields of law relating to economic activities. The firm’s clients belong to different sectors of the economy, such as energy, real estate, communication, finance, the automobile industry, environment and health. The firm assists Belgian and international clients – both companies and individuals – as well as public authorities, funds and (international) non-profit associations.

The goal of Janson is to meet its clients’ needs, providing them with proactive, creative and practical solutions, all within an agreed timeframe and budget. The firm is aware that legal support constitutes a cost that needs to remain manageable, hence their lawyers work at very competitive rates and strive to minimize costs for their clients.

Janson is committed to delivering high quality services. As a result, the team can readily adapt its working methods to suit clients’ needs. Depending on the case, the partner in charge may be assisted by other specialised partners or associates. In all cases, Janson’s relationship with their clients is founded upon a sense of mutual respect and strict adherence to their rules of professional conduct.

Main Practice Areas

Administrative and Public law
Banking and Finance
Commercial law
Company Law
Construction Law
Energy and Transport Law
Insurance and Liability Law
Labour Law – Merger and Acquisitions
Corporate Finance
Real Estate
Tax law
Arbitration and Mediation


187 Chaussee de La Hulpe
1170 Brussels

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Interlaw's strategic partners are multilingual lawyers who are fully immersed in their local laws, regulations and customs. Connected to key local contacts, they simplify the process of doing cross-border business and work seamlessly across the world to deliver collaborative business solutions tailored to meet all our clients' needs.

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