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Mazanti-Andersen was initially established in 1853 by C.C.V. Liebe, a prominent Danish lawyer and politician. C.C.V. Liebe was a member and later Chairman of the Danish parliament being elected after the Danish King in 1849 had relinquished his sovereign powers and the Danish Constitution was enacted.

The firm continued under the leadership of his son, Otto Liebe, who was appointed by the Danish Bar and Law Society as its first Chairman, a position he held from 1919 to 1927. Otto Liebe became a permanent part of Danish history when in 1920 he was appointed Danish Prime Minister by King Christian X. From 1932 to 1958 the firm was headed by Leif Gamborg, who developed the firm’s engagement in the areas of corporate and procedural law. Leif Gamborg was followed by J. Mazanti-Andersen together with Jørgen and Hans Henrik Gamborg who jointly continued the firm’s tradition in relation to corporate and procedural law and furthermore established its international basis and developed its tax practice. After a merger in 1988 by which the firm expanded its practice to cover international commercial- and corporate law, reconstruction of companies and bankruptcies, the firm was renamed Mazanti-Andersen Korsø Jensen and then in 2020 became Mazanti-Andersen.

The firm is today one of the larger, well known and respected law firms in Denmark, representing major national and international clients in all areas of business related matters. Mazanti-Andersen is a modern law firm. All the lawyers are highly qualified and specialized within the different areas of the firm’s practice. It is the objective of the firm to provide professional services of a quality expected by the business community from an efficient law firm with an international practice.

It is a tradition in the firm that their lawyers, at universities and other higher educations in Denmark and abroad, teach or previously have taught different areas of corporate and commercial law. As a natural consequence and in order to secure updated and adequate legal expertise at all times, the firm pays specific attention to the fact that all its lawyers, on a current basis, participate in an extensive legal training program within specific areas of law. The objective also applies when recruiting young lawyers. Recruitment takes place on the assumption that a permanent relationship with the firm is anticipated. Consequently, it is a condition that the young lawyers, as well during their practical education as after, on an active basis specialize within specific areas of law. The promotion of such specialization is one of the fundamentals by which the firm seeks to adapt its practice to comply with development in the business community together with future requirements and needs of the clients.

In order to comply with the requirements of the clients the firm has at its disposal all the necessary technical facilities, including a wide variety of information technology tools, including Internet access, word processing and spreadsheets. An extensive computer based legal library and access to a number of external data bases ensure that updated and precise information always is a part of their work.

Main Practice Areas

Employment Law
Banking and Finance
Insurance Law
Intellectual Property Law
IT Rights
Competition and Public Procurement Law
Licensing and Distribution
Life Science
Corporate and Trust and Foundation Law
Tax, VAT and Taxes

Environmental Law
Real Estate Transactions
Real Sstate development

Professional Liability
Economic Crime
Securities Law
Private Equity
Venture Capital
Business Transfers

Administration of Estates
Bankruptcy Quarantine
Creditor Interests


Amaliegade 10
DK-1256 Copenhagen K
Klosterbakken 12
5000 Odense, Denmark

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