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Winkler Partners

Winkler Partners is a full-service law firm based in Taipei. In 2002, Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice approved Winkler Partners as the first law firm permitted to operate as a partnership between Taiwanese and foreign attorneys.

Providing clients with a clear, creative, solutions-oriented service, the firm brings together Taiwanese and international expertise at all levels, from the partners to support staff.

Many of the firm’s clients find their work particularly helpful in matters that have a transnational aspect. Whether it is obtaining and protecting intellectual property rights for some of the world’s most valuable brands, litigating complex cross-border insurance and reinsurance cases, or advising clients on cross border investments, mergers or acquisitions, the firm’s overseas and Taiwanese clients find that the team of lawyers at Winkler Partners are not only experts in the relevant areas of law, but understand their needs and actively partner with them to help them achieve their business goals.

Winkler Partners also strives to be a sustainable enterprise. The firm recognizes that its clients are essential stakeholders for the firm’s sustainability. To honor the trust that they have placed in the firm, Winkler Partners are mindful at all times of their commitment to providing clients with competitive, ethical and effective legal services.

Winkler Partners also recognizes that their colleagues and the community within which they operate are essential to their commitment to their clients and the firm’s long-term viability. Winkler Partners aims to:

• provide the highest quality of legal services to clients;
• foster a culture of openness and growth for all of their colleagues; and
• contribute concretely to their community through traditional pro bono work and support for responsible social initiatives.
• The firm believes that the long term interests of all of these stakeholders are in accord. As an organization and as lawyers, the team at Winkler Partners work to realize all of them.

Main Practice Areas

Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Reorganization
Business, Commercial and Corporate Law
Competition Law
Corporate Governance
Cross-Border Transactions
Employment and Labor
Financing Transactions
Mergers and Acquisitions


12F No. 86 Chongqing South Road
Sec. 1, Taipei 10045

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