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Gökçe Attorney Partnership

Gökçe was established in 2010 and currently the team consists of approximately 40 people including support staff. Gökçe is a business law firm offering a broad range of legal services to meet the needs of its diverse client base. Since its establishment...   more

M. Firon & Co.

For more than 65 years, M. Firon & Co. has stood out as one of Israel’s largest and most prestigious law firms. The firm was one of the first (and few) Israeli law firms to offer international services, and is currently operating eight branches in Israel...   more

MENA Associates in Association with AMERELLER

MENA Associates in association with AMERELLER is a multi-jurisdictional law firm with comprehensive corporate and commercial law and dispute resolution offerings tailored to the Middle East. The firm employs a combination of skilled foreign lawyers,...   more

Tohme Law Firm

Tohme Law Firm is a top-tier boutique law firm in Beirut, Lebanon, providing a broad range of advice and high quality legal services tailored to both businesses and individuals. The firm was founded by Youssef Georges Tohme in 1979 and grew in size and...   more

Trowers & Hamlins

Trowers & Hamlins is an international full-service law firm with 156 partners and more than 330 lawyers with local knowledge and expertise through offices located in London, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Birmingham, Dubai, Exeter, Malaysia, Manchester and Oman....   more

Interlaw makes the world a smaller place by offering clients access to seamless cross-border legal services through one point of contact. Our strategic partnership comprises first-rate independent law firms with over 8,000+ lawyers in 140+ locations. Our clients instruct multilingual counsel, attune to local cultures and customs, who uncover opportunities and anticipate risks to deliver innovative solutions to the most complex legal and business projects.

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Interlaw offers clients a genuine global advantage, enabling them to access 8,000+ first class lawyers wherever in the world they are headquartered or wish to do business. With several decades of experience advising leading multinational clients, we harness the scope of our extensive operations spanning all five continents to provide an alternative global legal services solution that puts clients at the forefront of everything we do.

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Interlaw's strategic partners are multilingual lawyers who are fully immersed in their local laws, regulations and customs. Connected to key local contacts, they simplify the process of doing cross-border business and work seamlessly across the world to deliver collaborative business solutions tailored to meet all our clients' needs.

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